Vaal Mall awarded top Mall in Sedibeng


Vaal Mall has been awarded a coveted PMR Africa Diamond Arrow Award in the category for Shopping Centres.  Based on consumer nominations an ratings conducted during a 2017 survey,  Vaal Mall clinched first place overall wtih an impressive rating of 4.28 out of 5 for the best mall in Sedibeng .  This is the second time Vaal Mall has been ranked as onde of the malls for the 2017.  In addition to the centre scooping top honours, Dis-chem Vaal Mall also tome home PMR accolades.  Dis-Chem Vaal Mall has been awarded a Golden Arrow Award, first overall (rated 4.19 out of 5) for best phatrmaceutical retailers in Sedibeng.


Source:  Vaal Ster